CorporateCowboy-BMASTERS-MDWhen Emma Lavender is called to corporate headquarters at the end of her first week of employment at WestInn Hotels, she is shocked at the proposition offered by the company CEO.

So shocked, in fact, she takes him up on his offer.

Emma Lavender is your average college graduate—eager to make a go of her first job and pay off those student loans. Fresh out of a relationship going nowhere, she leaves Charlotte, North Carolina, behind and heads for the wild west—Billings, Montana. But in Montana, no one takes her seriously or appreciates her southern belle upbringing, except for one man—CEO of WestInn Enterprises, Gage Parker—and he seriously appreciates what Emma has to offer.

Corporate executive by day, rancher by night, Dom all the time—Gage Parker is an Alpha male with an insatiable sexual appetite and a fundamental need to control women sexually. When Emma crosses his line of vision during her work orientation at his hotel, he engineers a meeting and presents Emma with a proposition that literally rocks her southern belle upbringing to the core—and one that Emma learns she is powerless to refuse.


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Guest Post from Casey Alexander, Author of Fifty Shades for Couples

50Shades_finalWEBHow to Kiss Christian Grey Without Making Your Husband Mad

You take your relationship seriously. You’re in it for the long haul, and you put a lot of effort into making sure it’s the best it can be.

But in reality, day to day life gets in the way of romance. You know there’s no quick fix or great secret to making your partner desire you. But when you read Fifty Shades of Grey you wanted a little bit of that for yourself. Seeing how Christian worshipped Anastasia, how he commanded the bedroom, how much he desired her, made you a little bit jealous.

Me too! Why couldn’t I have some of that in my own life? My husband and I had been together for two decades and I wanted him to look at me like he used to. No—I wanted him to look at me like Christian did Anastasia.

Then I thought, if I’m feeling this way, I bet other women are too. That’s when I reread Fifty Shades of Grey and analyzed what it was about Christian and Anastasia’s relationship that made it so desirable. What made women all over the world lock themselves in their bedrooms and ignore their children to read this book?

Fifty Shades for Couples is not only about why Christian and Anastasia’s relationship is so addictive, but how we can create that passion in our own relationship.

Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Using scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey I show you how you can start seeing that look in your husband’s eyes tonight.

Here’s the infamous elevator scene to get you started:

Reference: Fifty Shades of Grey, First Vintage Books Edition, 2012

Chapter Five: pages 77-79

SCENE: The much-awaited first kiss. Prompted by Anastasia’s incessant lip biting, Christian surrenders to temptation and pins her against the wall of the elevator before ravishing her mouth.

SETTING: The Heathman Hotel elevator.

COSTUMES: Him: A navy pin-striped suit coat over a white linen shirt unbuttoned at the collar and cuffs, and slacks or jeans.

COSTUMES: Her: Jeans, Converse, a pale blue shirt, and matching lingerie.

PROPS: A ponytail, an elevator, and a raging libido.

SOUNDTRACK: “Do You Wanna Touch Me” by Joan Jett.

50Sh_backcoverPERFORMANCE: Still whirling from Christian’s increased interest and his invitation to helicopter to his penthouse in Seattle that very evening, Anastasia can barely contain her newly discovered desire. Seconds after they enter the empty Heathman elevator, Christian relieves her of that burden.

He shoves Anastasia against the wall, pinning her hands above her head in a delicious helplessness. Then he yanks her ponytail down to position her lips against his before kissing her in a “slow erotic dance.” In that moment she is his, physically as he restrains her chin and presses his hips into her, and emotionally as she accepts his utter need for her. Anastasia’s own need to be loved and validated smolders beneath the surface of her physical response to him. And Christian’s declaration, “You. Are. So. Sweet,” references his own dawning understanding that Ana is not only a physical temptation, but an emotional one. This experience is new for him too, and his uncontrolled responses to her surprise—and scare—him.


Ladies: Make him want you, just like Christian does Anastasia. That may mean forgetting about life’s pesky details for the day and focusing on how good the two of you can be together. Start the day with a sweet kiss before you say goodbye. During the day leave him guessing by sending suggestive texts like, “I can’t stop thinking about your lips on my neck,” or “That sexy look in your eyes before you left this morning is driving me crazy.” And when you both get off work, meet him at the office, keys in hand. If he’s the bashful type, switch roles and push him up against the wall before you let him know without a doubt how much you want him. Need a little inspiration? Check out this woman in charge, or the Pin Me Up Against the Wall Pinterest board.

Gentlemen: Wits scattered, panting. That’s the effect you want. Now the question is how to get it. There are two options. One is the slow build. The other is the steal. Which to choose is up to you. Only you can evaluate your relationship and decide which is the greater risk, or perhaps the greater payoff. Here’s a little secret. If you and your wife or partner have been together for a long time, if things are getting a little stale, she’s probably up for more excitement than you might expect. If she has read the Fifty Shades books, if she is begging you to see the movie with her, take a chance and play along. The big picture is that seduction isn’t about elevators. It’s about hearing “You. Are. So. Sweet,” and wanting to be absolutely nowhere else but pinned beneath your partner, wits scattered, panting—the way only you can make happen.

For more Acting It Out suggestions that will get your husband to kiss you like Christian Grey faster than you can say, “What is it about elevators?” download the complete free, graphically enhanced encounter at

About the Author

Author, blogger, and rogue solution seeker, Casey R. Alexander loves honest talk about relationships. She blogs about what it takes to make them work and what it takes to make them fun at Fifty Shades for Couples. On a mission to bring joy to the world one couple at a time, she is known for telling it like it is, and is a passionate believer that love makes this crazy thing we call life worthwhile. Her new book Fifty Shades for Couples: The Real-Life Guide to Living the Fantasy, is available on Amazon.

More DARK LOVE: Passion & Penance by Lana Cordova

Can you find passion amid penance?PASSION&PENANCE-LCORDOVA-LG

Emily Jordan’s life as an English major is about to take an unexpected erogenous turn. In a critical financial pinch, she takes a year off from the university to work as a domestic for the billionaire Blackwood brothers in their lavish Kenilworth estate. She hopes to earn enough money to finish her master’s degree.

She barely arrives when she meets the twin Blackwood brothers who are both instantly attracted to her. Joel relishes in Emily’s every breath. Jackson is the tortured soul for whom passion and penance are one and the same. Joel is a tantric mystic who wants nothing more than to achieve nirvana. Jackson is the dominant brother who shoulders all responsibility for the family’s international industrial contracting and engineering firm. With Joel and Jackson, Emily explores two very different worlds of sensuality under the watchful eye of the abusive head housekeeper who condemns Emily’s every move.

Both brothers have their charms, and Emily finds them attractive, each in his own way. Will she choose passion or penance?

An excerpt: 

She’s just a college student working as a household domestic for the Billionaire Blackwood brothers–a fish out of water…

“Tell me about yourself, Miss Jordan,” Jackson urged, breaching the silence.

I wondered why he might care to know anything personal about me since I was just a housekeeper, but I was pleased that he seemed interested. “There’s not much to tell,” I offered. It was true. My world was nothing like his.

Torn between two very different men…

In him I saw fleeting traces of the same boyish charm I saw in Joel, but Jackson had a very different air about him. He had none of the carefree countenance that seemed to flow so freely, albeit annoyingly, from Joel. On closer look, I noticed slight grey wisps in his hair suggesting that it was Jackson who shouldered the responsibilities and stresses of managing the family’s business—and not his less responsible sibling. Like Joel, Jackson was strikingly handsome, but in a more mature way. Though they shared the same eye color, Jackson’s flashed with complexity, as if he were in constant battle between his obligations and the need to let go.

One is a passionate tantric mystic…

“The monks use an infusion of the stems of this orchid species to create a medicinal tea that allows one to experience climax multiple times.”

“I don’t understand what you mean,” I confessed.

“Well, in more common terms, it enables both men and women to recover quickly after sex and to have more sex for longer periods of time. It also enhances pleasure responses. Perhaps I’ll show you sometime soon,” he teased with a playful, suggestive grin. “If you’ll allow me.”

The other is a possessive and protective dom for whom penance is passion…

“There is always penance. That’s the only thing that is real; the only truth there is in love.”

Both men are attractive, and both have their demons. Emily will have to choose…

I knew that the future of my relationship with Jackson was at a pivotal place. I was annoyed at Joel for forcing the issue so quickly, but I knew in my heart it had to be dealt with and soon. It would have come to this one way or another.

But what could I say? I could skirt the issue and buy a little more time, hoping that at some point in the future, he would change and allow me to get close to him the way I needed to be close to my man. I could tell him the truth and risk hurting him, possibly losing him for good. I could say nothing and pray for another way for this to work out.

Will Emily choose passion or penance?


A word about PASSION AND PENANCE from the author, Lana Cordova:

Complex Relationships in Passion and Penance

Maybe it is because I’m a Gemini, but I’ve always been intrigued by characters in complex personal motivations and relationships. The more complicated the relationships, the better. It makes the characters more real and relatable and their lives more compelling. No one in Passion and Penance is a completely flat character. They all have backgrounds that make their worlds more real and drive their actions and interactions with each other. I want readers to tap into those characters so deeply that they ride their emotional roller coasters right beside them.

Jackson Blackwood isn’t your garden variety dom. Sure, he’s hot and powerful, but beneath his suave veneer is a man who is secretly afraid of true intimacy and of losing control. He uses BDSM as a means of keeping his and Emily’s emotions under strict management.

Joel is a loveable hunk who also wants intimacy but seems unable to reach it. He’s made the search for intimacy his own personal life mission and will sleep with every woman he can to find it. He’s an insufferable flirt who wants nothing more than to try out his tantric skills on Emily in hope that she might be ‘the one.’

By revealing the characters’ secrets and vulnerabilities, I’m inviting readers to develop their own relationships with the characters to share their highs and lows. I want them lying awake at night wondering what Emily will do next.

It is my hope that Emily, Joel, and Jackson’s story will strike familiar chords in readers’ hearts and minds so they can enjoy the sweet escape of this erotic romance.


Lana Cordova is a devotee or all things erotic, and she enjoys putting her lovers through their paces conducting ‘research’ for her books. She enjoys nothing more than bringing sensual escapes to her readers or perhaps raising her neighbors’ eyebrows. She can usually be found lounging in satin teddies writing steaming scenes inspired by her stable of gorgeous men, all in the name of research, of course.

More DARK LOVE from Morgan Malone! #after50shades

Katarina_ Out of Control - Turquoise Morning PressToday’s blog post is by Morgan Malone, author of Katarina: Out of Control, book three in the DARK LOVE series of books!

Morgan: I was a lawyer for 30 years. For 15 of those years, I was an administrative law judge. I retired at 55.  I was tired of the politics and bureaucratic bullshit. And I wanted to write something that was not a legal treatise or a brief.

I wanted to write romance. But everything I penned in those early weeks sounded like another legal argument: dry and stiff. A couple of months after I hung up my robe, I stumbled into a local independent bookstore, East Line Books. Writing Classes were advertised. I signed up immediately. Soon, I was penning short essays about my love life. Sexy stuff, not dry at all.

From a romance readers and writers group I belong to on Yahoo came the announcement that some company of sexy “toys” was hosting a short story contest. Publication and £5000 for the best story featuring one of their products. I scanned their online site to see if I recognized anything. Bingo! They carried the “Hello Kitty” vibrator, which had cracked me up since I received it as a gift from a somewhat quirky admirer. My daughter had loved her Hello Kitty doll when she was a girl. We had every Hello Kitty product known to man. I could do this.

I sat down to write a story about Hello Kitty. It was my first erotic piece and I wasn’t sure where to start. But soon the words were flying from my fingers. A nameless woman, in control of her career, unhappy with her life. A troubled, sexy man who offered her release and pleasure. A tiny pink quivering  toy. I sent the story off to the contest with high hopes. Alas, the company did not like my story as much as I did. But, soon there was a notice from a small publishing company looking for erotic short fiction. I sent my tale to them and voila! I was a published author.

That was the beginning and pretty much the end of my career with that company. One more short story and we were finished.

But the unhappy woman kept invading my dreams. She played along the edges of the other essays and stories that I was writing, and trying to sell.

In 2013, I was attending a Romance Reader and Author conference with my Yahoo friends and I wandered into a conference room hosted by Turquoise Morning Press. I loved the goodies they were giving away, the authors were friendly and helpful so I stayed for the presentation. I fell in love with the covers designed in large part by the publisher. An hour later, I was back to pitch them my collection of essays about my decade of dating online, my 50-something lust and love adventure. I was thrilled when I was offered a contract! I was going to be a real published author, with both an e-book and a for-real-hold-in-my-hands-book to my name.

But my unhappy lady, who I was now calling Kat, kept getting in the way as I edited my essays for publication. In August 2014 came the call for submissions from TMP: Dark Love: Nothing Grey About It. A boxed set of erotic romances with a BDSM flavor. Could I write one? Yes!

Katarina finally got her name and her book. My unhappy lady went on a journey of self-discovery from sorrow to joy, from dissatisfaction to fulfillment, from loneliness to love. Unfortunately, one of her lovers, Rick the soldier/screenwriter, has been clamoring for his own happy ending since he left Katarina. Don’t you just hate it when those Alpha Males won’t let you go? I guess I will just have to give him his own story and I have just the lady for him. Wait and see!



“I never did that before,” she whispered and a blush stained her cheeks as she realized that she had always wanted to.

“Never had sex on a desk before? Really?” Sam moved to the bathroom to deposit the washcloth and towel. On his way back to her, he picked up her ribbon from the floor and handed it to her.

“Never had sex on a desk.” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “And never had anyone

…restrain me…like that.” Kat was pulling her hair back into some semblance of a ponytail when he spoke.

“Do you want to do that again?” Sam was standing in front of her, looking like he had just walked out of a courtroom—except for his swollen lips and his eyes dark with dangerous promises.

“Now?” She almost squeaked. She was not sure she could walk after being pounded into orgasmic submission on his desk.

“Well, I’m good, but I am not quite that good.” He laughed.

“Are you always like that, you know, a little rough and demanding”

“Yes. I like to be in control. Since it seemed that you are pretty much in control too, I knew I would have to restrain you to keep you where I wanted you.” He reached out to take her wrists in his hands, rubbing them with his thumbs as if to rub away his harsh grip from before.

His gray eyes met hers with honest directness. “I’ll never hurt you. I’ll never do anything you don’t want, but I’ll be the one who decides where and when and how. Can you accept those terms?”

Could she? She wanted him again; the sex had been mind-numbing. Every thought centered in her crotch the entire time. She wanted that release from thinking, from deciding, again. She gave him an almost shy smile.

“Yes, I believe I can.”

“Do you want to?” He let go of her wrists. She almost reached for him.

“Yes.” Kat paused. “Yes, I want you. I want that amazing cock.” Sam laughed at that.

Kat was somewhat taken aback at the boldness of her statement. She added, in an almost shy whisper, “And I need it, for now. For right now. I need the sex, and I need to let go of control.” It cost her to say that to him.

His emerald eyes searched her face, as if assessing the depth of her need and the extent to which she could live up to the terms of the agreement he was offering. Apparently satisfied with what he saw, he smiled his lawyer’s smile.

“Shall we shake on it, counselor?” His green eyes twinkled as he held out his hand. She smiled as she slid her much smaller hand into his. He gripped it hard. Her eyes widened at the domination she felt there.

“And, just so we understand each other, Kat, while you’re with me, you’re with no one else. Agreed?”

“You drive a hard bargain, counselor, but yes, I agree.” But, when Sam started to let go of her hand, she tightened her own grip. “And I assume that the same holds true for you. No other women for the duration.” Now, Kat was smiling her lawyer’s smile.

Sam’s eyes narrowed a bit, almost as if he were rethinking the deal he had just proposed. But, he shook her hand again and laughingly said, “Of course, counselor. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

They left the office together, looking for all the world like two lawyers on opposing sides who had just come to terms over a case. Sam held her car door for her, commenting that he liked that she drove a safe vehicle. With a promise that he would be speaking with her soon, Sam closed her door and watched her pull out of the parking lot and head back to her office.


Morgan Malone is the pen name of a retired lawyer who turned in her judicial robes to write erotic romance and sexy memoirs.

Morgan fell in love with romantic heroes after reading her mother’s first edition of “Gone with the Wind” when she was 12 years old. Rhett Butler became the standard by which she measured all men. Some have met the mark, most have failed to even come close and one or two surpassed even Rhett’s dark and dangerous allure.

Morgan lives near Saratoga Springs, NY with her beloved chocolate Lab. She can be found on occasion drinking margaritas and dancing at local hostelries with The Posse, but look for her most often in independent book stores and the library, searching for her next great love in tales of romance, history, adventure and lust. When she can’t find the perfect man, she hides out in her upstairs office and creates him, body and soul, for her pleasure and for yours.

You can follow Morgan on her website and social media.

Another DARK LOVE Feature — Zeus: Unbound! by JC Wardon

ZEUS-JCWARDON-mdFor JC Wardon, there is nothing more gratifying than conceiving, creating, and building upon another reality where the mind is swept into the unexpected and even the unknown. That’s what JC’s The Cavanaugh Series is… a thirteen book compilation of full length stories set in a whole new world (right here on earth) where anything is possible and danger, desire, and the forbidden lurks at every turn. The biggest danger for a Cavanaugh, often turned into a disaster really, is finding that special someone…. There is none so cursed by amour, as the mystical Cavanaugh clan.

Zeus: Unbound! the 8th book in The Cavanaugh Series, and the 2nd book in The Dark Love: Nothing Grey About It! set of books published by Turquoise Morning Press, is an even deeper, darker, more dangerous step into another dimension of the forbidden. The flaming hot, darkly explosive relationship between Zeus Cavanaugh Whitehawk and Sabia Ilie is filled with perilous situations. The most precarious is between these two naturally dominant, dangerous souls, who just can’t keep their hands off each other – whether for sexual pleasure, or sometimes, deviant punishments. With his mystical gift of turning his body into a killing and purifying fire wherever demons abound, and her Lycanthrope genes giving her abilities that won’t allow her to give into his need for domination for long, there is nothing but heart-stopping, dubiously consented, sizzling hot sex from beginning to end. So… if you’re into complicated plots, dark sexy couples…and maybe even the taboo ….

Zeus: Unbound! is now up for preorder at these and other locations: AMAZON | BARNES & NOBLE | IBOOKSSMASHWORDS 

rev2-mysticthunder-mdFeel free to stop in at if you’re interested in learning more about the other books in The Cavanaugh Series, leading up to Zeus’s story! And if you love free reads, the first novel, Mystic Thunder, is now free!

Happy Reading!


JC Wardon has spent the past two years living in Mystic Waters, West Virginia, with the

Cavanaugh clan as she has built their world, and gotten to know each of them with an intimacy she hopes readers also feel. Her love of the paranormal, of the question what if? and her sense of adventure for travel, even when it is only in her head, fills JC’s days with writing that makes her laugh sometimes, and cry at others. Though she loves a complicated plot, Romance is always at the heart of her stories!

JC loves to hear from readers and can be reached @:

or Tweet @jc_wardon


Zeus: Unbound!  Excerpt:

“How are you, Sabia Ilie?”

What do you think you are doing?”

Zeus pinned her against the brick wall with his gaze, not daring to make a move with his body on such high alert. “I am taking over.”

She shook her head; her eyes filled with fury. “You had no right to do that! He was mine! It has taken months to train him to—” She stopped talking and looked Zeus up and down, as her brows pulled together. “What are you doing here?”

“That will come when the time is right. And you will play a role in it. For now, you will do as I say. I need an entry into that club, and your pet was in the way. ”

Looking like she was about to scream, Sabia opened and closed her mouth several times before she finally growled. Zeus didn’t allow his expression to change, even knowing she could transform within seconds into the feminine little wolf he’d last seen the day his cousin married the Lycanthrope alpha Sabia had expected to claim as her own.

“I am in charge of my life, Zeus Whitehawk! You have no rights over me.” She huffed. “This is not Mystic Waters where your kin are master, judge and jury. You are out of place here, and you know nothing! If you think putting on leather is all it takes, you are ridiculous.”

Sabia scanned his form again, her expression making her distaste clear. Zeus said nothing. She didn’t have to like him or his mission. Hell, he didn’t like it either. But it was his lot in life. And for a brief time, it would be hers as well. Like it or not, she would comply, one way or another. He crossed his arms over his chest, deciding he would wait until she wore herself out with protestations; then they would proceed as he wished.

“Don’t you dare stand there and act like I’m being foolish. I’m serious! And no one will believe you are a part of this world, anyway! Those people know me and I know them. I am not taking you in there.”

He grinned, and the robust hue of her cheeks paled. Zeus wondered what he actually looked like when he thought he was smiling. People never smiled back. “You will teach me what I need to know. And I will teach you what I need you to know, as well.”

“Like hell!”

Amused, he moved forward, knowing he should pay more attention to the strong tingles indicating a demon was so close, but he couldn’t concentrate on anything but the beauty of her face and the shape of her body in the tight leather outfit. The whip in her hand didn’t concern him at all. If she tried to use it on him, he’d turn her over his knee and give her a taste of the medicine she’d probably had in store for the wimpy little man-child he’d scared off. He may have not known everything there was to know about the BDSM lifestyle others lived, but he wasn’t entirely ignorant either.

“Sabia Ilie, you have only two options. You help me by choice, or I will be obliged to convince you until you comply anyway. Why not make this easier on yourself and save us both wasted time?”

Sabia pressed her lips together and then threw a quick glance to the left when the club’s door banged against the building after it flung open. Zeus didn’t give her time to react or call for help. He dissolved the distance between them and jerked her against him, grabbing a fist full of long black hair and taking her lips in one pronounced motion. Her gasp of outrage served his purposes perfectly, allowing him to deepen the kiss and seal her attempts to scream at the same time. She tried to push against him but was no match for Zeus’s much larger form and honed muscles.

A chuckle and mumbled, “Take it to the dungeon, dude,” came and went with the sound of footsteps, but Zeus didn’t give it much thought, much less turn their way. Those passing by didn’t carry the stench of demon, and Sabia had completely stilled against him, but for the tentative testing of her teasing tongue. He took a moment more to enjoy the taste of her and the sensations flooding his body. He’d been too many months celibate not to react to the scent and feel of a woman in his arms. This one fit against him perfectly and filled his essence, like sustenance long denied.

He eased the kiss by increments and then released her mouth, but only enough that the threat of taking her lips again was clear should she try to raise an alarm. It satisfied him that she did nothing more than breathe harshly as she stared into his eyes.

Slowly her lips curved. “You think to tame me with your sexual skill, Whitehawk?”

Though that hadn’t been his intent, the thought of doing so sent thrills straight to his already straining groin. “I am not opposed to the idea.”

She chuckled, shaking her head. “I am more interested in taming you with mine.”


Kicking off the DARK LOVE books releases with Stella Hunter’s THE DOM’S GAME

I am thrilled to be part of the DARK LOVE series of books and the upcoming boxed set. Today marks the release day for the first book in the series. Stella Hunter’s THE DOM’S GAME is sure to please and I can’t wait to read it. I downloaded mine earlier this morning. Have you grabbed yours yet? Don’t forget. I’m still drooling over the yummy Dom on the coverTHEDOMSGAME-SHUNTER-MD….

Here are the details on Stella’s book.


Speculation over a star football player’s sex life threatens his public image and that of his submissive, a quiet middle school teacher.


As an NFL star player for the Memphis Kings, Trevor Adams lives his life in the spotlight. All except for one small part. In his hidden moments, he’s a Dom. In spite of the celebrity life and his alternative sexual preferences, none of his partners have managed to keep his interest for long. Until he meets Nina.

Nina Barkley is a quiet middle school teacher. Her life is the exact opposite of Trevor’s. Except for the shared interest in BDSM. She has been involved in the BDSM groups in and around Memphis ever since she moved there right after college. After years of experimentation, she considers herself a switch—able to be either a Dominant or a submissive depending on her partner and what they both want. Being introduced to Trevor turns her life upside down and makes her question her true preferences.

Between the threat of being exposed by the ever-present media, Trevor’s underlying fear he will be transferred to another team, and both their troubled pasts, will they be able to find what they need in each other before they are pulled apart?

The Dom’s Game can be found at the following retailers.



“I know this woman you might be interested in,” Arnie said.

Trevor Adams downed his third beer and signaled the bartender for another. If anyone other than Arnie had said that, he would have instantly dismissed it. But Arnie knew Trevor, knew his proclivities, knew what he wanted in a woman. In a sub.

Arnie took Trevor’s silence as a cue to continue. “She’s gorgeous—tall, dark hair, lovely curves. And she’s a teacher.” Trevor raised an eyebrow in question. “So she’s discreet,” Arnie explained. “She can’t afford to lose her job over a sex scandal.”

Trevor liked the sound of that. He needed discreet. As the newest star player for the Memphis Kings NFL team, he had to work extra hard to keep his sex life private. Especially since his sex life was rooted firmly in the land of the taboo.

“What’s the catch?” Trevor asked. Arnie wouldn’t be telling him all this without a reason. If Arnie really thought this woman was a good match, he’d have introduced her at one of the local alternative lifestyle get-togethers instead of this beating-around-the-bush bullshit.

Arnie hesitated, and a wave of sound from a crowd at the other end of the bar intruded into their space. When the noise fell to a bearable level, Arnie finally spoke. “She’s a switch.”

Trevor took the bottle the bartender set before him and shook his head. “No,” he said emphatically. “You know that’s not what I want.”

“Just meet her. I wouldn’t be telling you about her if I didn’t think there was something there.”

Trevor sighed and took a swig from his beer. If he could trust anyone, it was Arnie. Like Trevor, Arnie was a Dom. Arnie introduced him around the alternative scene in Memphis when Trevor moved here two years ago. He had never questioned Arnie’s judgment before; he wasn’t about to start now. “What is it that you see in her?”

“She’s searching for something. I think she just hasn’t found the right partner yet. If anyone can convince her she’s really a sub, it’s you.”

“I don’t know. Still sounds like a risk.”

“Look, Trevor, she’s been around the scene for a while. Her job is in more jeopardy than yours if her choices get out. Even if a relationship goes south, she’s not going to be out for revenge.”

Trevor winced at the reminder. It had been several months since his previous relationship with a sub had ended. He’d had to pay her off to keep her from spilling his secrets like blood over the papers. Not his proudest memory. But football was all he had. If he lost his place on the team, he was screwed. A lifetime of work down the drain.

“Fine. Set it up at one of the regular get-togethers. I won’t do a one-on-one until I make my own assessment.”

“Oh, you’ll be getting around to the one-on-one soon enough. I do know your type, after all.” Arnie grinned and waggled his eyebrows at the thought. “Isn’t Anya’s party in a couple weeks?”

“Yeah, I haven’t RSVP’d yet. Didn’t know if I was quite ready to jump back into that crowd after the thing with Zoe.” Even speaking his ex-sub’s name was enough to make him cringe again at those dreadful last memories of her.

“Well, do it. I’ll make sure Nina is invited.”


Arnie nodded and pushed his own beer bottle away and stood to leave. “Yep. Make sure you call Anya, or I might just keep Nina for myself,” he joked as he slapped Trevor on the shoulder.

Trevor waved him away, shaking his head. On the surface, Arnie looked like a good ole Southern boy. Hair a tad too long, a few too many pounds on him, and more comfortable in jeans than a suit. No one would peg him as Trevor’s best friend. Trevor’s muscled body didn’t have any extra weight on it. His shaved head gleamed darkly under the florescent lights of the bar. And Trevor loved the finer things in life, including his fine suits tailored to show off every inch of his well-developed body. Luckily for both of them, Trevor hadn’t let his initial impressions rule his actions when he first met Arnie. His childhood of moving from place to place had taught him not to judge people too quickly, and it had served him well when he ended up in this quintessentially Southern city.

Trevor wasn’t surprised at how quickly he fell in love with Memphis. Like many Southern cities, it offered big city benefits but managed to hold on to that small-town feel. For the first time in his life, he felt at home. Occasionally the thought of making it his permanent home even slipped into his mind. But he always pushed it away. That was something that would have to wait for a different time, a different life. As long as he played football, he couldn’t expect to be able to stay anywhere for long.

It was the one thing he regretted about his career-football decision. His childhood was spent roaming the country; he didn’t want his adult life to be the same. He had hated not having a permanent home. He had hated trying to make new friends every year. If he was honest, he had quit making real friends before he hit fifth grade, always afraid he would be forced to leave them behind. It was yet another reason he was always surprised to consider Arnie a good friend.

Trevor finished his beer, paid his tab, and followed Arnie out into the night with a new energy in his step. It had been too long since his last relationship, he admitted to himself. He was more than ready to get back in the game.

About the Author

stellaStella Hunter was born and raised in the South and makes Kentucky her current home. When not dealing with demanding kids (of the four-legged variety) or that crazy thing called life, she would happily spend all her time buried in books. She loves to write romance because she believes everyone is redeemable.

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DARK LOVE: Nothing Grey About It Boxed Set

I’m thrilled so share that I’m part of an exciting boxed set upcoming in February. My book, Corporate Cowboy, will be one of the five books in the set. Spinning off of the FSOG theme, with various forms of erotic Bdarklove 3D-trans-MDDSM love. The stories celebrate dark love — and lemme tell ya, their’s nothing grey about it.

Stay tuned — more info coming! But until then, take a sneak peek at the stories.


Emma Lavender is your average college graduate. Ready for her first job and to set the world on fire. But in Montana, no one takes her seriously or appreciates her southern belle upbringing—except for one man. Gage Parker. Corporate executive by day, rancher by night, Dom all the time. Gage is an Alpha male with an insatiable sexual appetite and a fundamental need to control women sexually. And he wants Emma Lavender.


English student Emily Jordan takes a year off from the university to work for the Blackwood brothers. With Joel and Jackson, Emily learns explores two very different worlds of passion. Joel is the woman-worshiping lover who relishes in Emily’s every breath. Jackson is the tortured soul for whom passion, pain, and penance are one and the same. But time has come for her to choose. Will she choose passion or penance?

Zeus: Unbound by JC Wardon

Zeus Cavanaugh Whitehawk can’t afford to relinquish control. Publicly, or personally. His body holds powers that can kill. He feels tainted with the growing darkness in his soul. Sabia Ilie lost her Lycanthrope pack to the mystical Cavanaugh clan three years earlier. Now the oldest of their son’s, Zeus, has taken over her life. He’s a bossy brute. A dark and dangerous demon hunter. But beneath the hard surface, she’s sure there is a man who struggles to remember his humanity. How much of her life is Sabia willing to lose, to save his?

Katarina: Out of Control by Morgan Malone

After losing her husband in the Iraqi War, Katarina becomes a control freak. By controlling her life, she protects herself. But she is spiraling through the world of bondage, submission and domination. In her professional life, she is still in control. But in her private life, she loves the freedom of losing control. She seeks pleasure and pain from many men… Until she is pushed too far. And until the one man she thought could never fully satisfy her, steps forward.

The Dom’s Game by Stella Hunter

As an NFL star player for the Memphis Kings, Trevor Adams lives his life in the spotlight. Except for one small part. He is a Dom. In spite of the celebrity life and his alternative sexual preferences, none of his partners have managed to keep his interest for long. Until he meets Nina. Nina Barkley’s life is the exact opposite of Trevor’s, except for their shared interest in BDSM. She considers herself a switch—able to be dominant or a submissive depending on her partner—until Trevor turns her life upside down and makes her question her true preferences.