Bella Masters

Bella MastersBella Masters frequently disappoints her parents. She wishes she could spare them the pain but it’s unavoidable. At first it was the tatts and piercings. Then dropping out of college. When she was discovered in the basement of her father’s church with half of the town council — their pants around their ankles and her floggers at her side — her secret lifestyle as a Dominatrix was speculative no more. So Bella went with it and never looked back. After all, a little pain is a beautiful thing. Isn’t it?

Yeah, that bio was fun to write. Was it fun to read? Seriously, though, Bella Masters is a 50-something grandmother, who pecks away at her computer all day, wearing only her underwear, writing deliciously smutty stories. Now, there’s a mental picture for you!

Or, Bella Masters could be the erotic pen name of a popular and bestselling contemporary romance author who decided to use a pen name for her little erotic stories simply to make her mother happy.

Whatever bio you believe, it’s all good, right? Bella writes BDSM in various flavors, ménage à trois relationships, and same sex relationship stories. She doesn’t like to limit her options (or her bios). Fantasy is a beautiful thing. Isn’t it?